Face Off, Part 1: Cleansers and Makeup Removers

I have a confession: for most of my life, I could not give a hoot about taking care of my skin. It seemed like such a hassle to spend so much money on things that would possibly break me out, so why bother? Plus, makeup can hide imperfections, and as sensitive as my skin is,Continue reading “Face Off, Part 1: Cleansers and Makeup Removers”

Quarantine Salon: Getting to the Root of the Problem

I want to preface this story as the first in a series called Quarantine Salon. There is no better time to alter one’s appearance than when you’re home all the time and no one is seeing you except your family, right? I took the plunge on some appearance alterations like hair dyeing and waxing soContinue reading “Quarantine Salon: Getting to the Root of the Problem”