Add to cart: how I, a smug suburbanite, ended up with a ukulele

Once upon a time in a small town in rural Virginia, a tween girl rented a movie from the video store called Josie and the Pussycats. The glam, the sass, the soundtrack and the whole package enticed her. While this was far from her first venture into a passion for music, it sealed the deal.Continue reading “Add to cart: how I, a smug suburbanite, ended up with a ukulele”

In the Prime of my Wardrobe

Not gonna lie; I am exhausted and this blog post is probably going to be a little rough around the edges. However, even when I’m tired, I will still push through. One thing that I have learned in quarantine and staying in all the time is that lounge wear is my new uniform. I haveContinue reading “In the Prime of my Wardrobe”

Quarantine Salon 3: Waxing Poetic

I remember learning basic facts about mammals in elementary school: they have warm blood, live births, and body hair. I’m sure there are exceptions to these rules, but I am not a biologist nor am I here to discuss biology. It is a quirk of western society that we should want to rid ourselves ofContinue reading “Quarantine Salon 3: Waxing Poetic”

Quarantine Salon 2: Electric Blue Boogaloo

Let’s go ahead and preface this with a disclaimer that this post, blog and blogger are in no way affiliated with the alt right hate group by the name Boo*galoo, okay? Okay.Now, the fun part: Quarantine Salon 2: Electric Blue Boogaloo Having tried purple and pink hair, the next logical step in my quest toContinue reading “Quarantine Salon 2: Electric Blue Boogaloo”