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This post has no content. I spent all day farting around and honestly forgot to do a post until right now. Forgive me? I offer you a photo of my dog during a recent writing session. He is my sleepiest cheerleader.

Quick question:

We interrupt today’s bleak hellscape to ask you, a random Internet person with an opinion, to make a choice or two. Polls will be open until 11:59 EST on Saturday, October 17. If you have stumbled here and have never heard of NaNoWrimo nor participated, you can join the fun over here. I have participatedContinue reading “Quick question:”

Go GWAR or Go Home

Remember in years past when concerts were a regular occurrence? Sure, you always ran some sort of risk when going to one: your hearing could be damaged if you forgot earplugs, you might have to suffer through the Russian roulette experience of using a portapotty if the show was outdoors, or perhaps you would accidentallyContinue reading “Go GWAR or Go Home”

Baking my way downtown

There was this really strange period in the early stages of quarantine where everyone was baking bread. The demand for yeast was so high that supermarkets cited a mass shortage. Flour, sugar, and other baking ingredients flew off the shelves as everyone panicked at the idea of being unable to safely leave their homes forContinue reading “Baking my way downtown”


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