Space Case: Trying to Solve a Murder in the Cosmos

So, unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely heard of this little game called Among Us. And hey, maybe you haven’t been under a rock, but you aren’t necessarily into games. Or, perhaps, you just keep seeing these little cartoony astronauts everywhere with jokes about venting, being sus, and committing murder. Sure, you could click that helpful link I gave you (hover over Among Us anywhere in this post to see the various places you can get the game), OR you can let me explain.

You’re going to let me give you a TL;DR. Awesome. In Among Us, you play virtually in a group of up to ten players. The players are aboard a spacecraft where they are trying to survive. However, there’s a twist: up to two members of the crew are impostors. (My brain really, really wants this to be “imposters.” However, spell check isn’t yelling at me for either spelling, so I will defer to the spelling used in the game.) What do the impostors do? Cause mayhem both by sabotaging key areas of the ship and by offing fellow non-impostor players. It’s violent, it’s silly, and it’s a riotous good time.

To my surprise, the game has been out since 2018, but it has taken the world by storm in 2020 when we are stuck at home and trying to find ways to connect. A little bit of good clean homicide helps pass the time, right? (I’M KIDDING. CLEARLY, I ‘M KIDDING. Please don’t kill each other IRL.)

So, as a reward to myself back in early November when I was doing particularly well with NaNoWriMo, I decided to treat myself and accept an invitation to play Among Us. I have never considered myself a big gamer because I believed the gatekeeping propaganda that the games I enjoy don’t count. For reference, simulation games are my bread and butter: I was a fan of the Petz franchise back in the nineties and I have played The Sims 1-4 since 2002. I also love puzzle games like Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, and I had a great time for a few years on Neopets and all of its offerings. Most console games trigger motion sickness for me, so you will rarely catch me playing those barring extraordinary circumstances. Still, I have dallied in PC games; I played World of Warcraft for a bit, and I had loads of fun playing The Sims Medieval which departed from simulation and favored things like quests, feeding people to mythical monsters, and scaring people into following your religion. Perhaps I could drop back into a dark world that pits man against man and try to avoid being slain by someone whom I considered a friend.

I don’t have a fancy streaming setup, but my good pal Eric does. If you have a hankering to watch me get murdered, click the pretty pink button below and skip ahead to about thirty-eight minutes when I arrive fashionably late in a pink spacesuit and a Viking helmet.

It was lots of fun even if I didn’t know what I was doing half the time. I highly recommend.

I’ll be back next week (next year?) with more tales from being quarantined. In the meantime, you can support me by becoming a Patron! If clicking one button today wasn’t enough, go crazy and click this one, too. I appreciate it.

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