I have an announcement!

In my quest to become a full-time writer, I have taken a leap and joined Patreon. What does this mean for you? You have the option to support the blog financially and get some cool perks!

I offer three tiers of membership:
1) Official Patron – This is the least expensive level. You can help me keep the costs of the site down, and in exchange, I will send you an exclusive patron-only newsletter. Pretty nice, right?
Price: $1.00 USD per month
2) Subscriber – The mid-level offers you the chance to vote on suggested topics for future blog posts. You get to have a say in what I do while I am at home. Oh, and you’ll get the handy dandy patron newsletter, too.
Price: $5.00 USD per month
3) Mover and Shaker – This subscription lets you suggest activities for me to do. You don’t just get the voting power in this tier; you are the one in the driver’s seat making an itinerary. You will also get the chance to vote on your fellow patrons’ ideas and of course, the newsletter is included.
Price: $10.00 USD per month

Please know that any support is appreciated! If you are unable to contribute, I am grateful for your readership and hope that you will stick around for the long haul.

ETA: now with 100% more working links!

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