It’s peanut butter frosting time, peanut butter frosting time

I know I said I was going to share NaNoWriMo excerpts this month. I will, I promise. However, I am at a measly 1900 words and have not decided how much I will share just yet. Once I get my ducks in a row, the first excerpt will go up on November 8.

For today, I have a fun little story to share about frosting cupcakes. The moral of this story is to scrutinize the measurements of recipes on the Internet.

Last week, my husband celebrated a birthday. When I have the time and the emotional stamina, I like to bake his birthday dessert myself. After perusing recipes ranging from simple to complex, I opted to go with something basic. His favorite candy is Reese’s, so I decided to do chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. It was just the two of us, so I made a dozen cupcakes. While they cooled, I opted to whip up this frosting.

I thought half of the recipe would be fine. In fairness, it did give me enough to frost all twelve cupcakes, However, what I did not bank on was the MASSIVE quantity of frosting that would result, and I was so grateful I didn’t follow the original measurements. You could probably frost a multilayer tiered cake with that amount, honestly.

This was a somewhat naughty shot of the cupcake batter. Whoops.
This wasn’t even the end of it. I frantically snapped this and sent it to my BFF asking what in the world I was going to do with all of it!

So, once the cakes were cooled and the frosting was made, I filled a plastic baggie and snipped the tip off since I don’t own piping bags right now. In my frustration, I made this video (and yes, you can go follow me on TikTok; sometimes, I post videos of my cat).

Fortunately, the cupcakes were a hit, and I used some store-bought hot fudge to top them off. Husband is a little upset because he believes I ate more than half of them. I didn’t keep track, but we have so much frosting that I could always make more!

Presentation means nothing as long as they taste good IMO

Mark your calendars for November 8 when I find the courage to post my original fiction here for the whole world to read!

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