In the Prime of my Wardrobe

Not gonna lie; I am exhausted and this blog post is probably going to be a little rough around the edges. However, even when I’m tired, I will still push through.

One thing that I have learned in quarantine and staying in all the time is that lounge wear is my new uniform. I have worked in my sleep shirts, walked the dog in pajama pants, and reacquainted myself with my collection of soft tee shirts and tanks. Like any article of well-loved clothing, my frequent fliers were showing the signs of wear and tear. Unfortunately, the pandemic limited the amount of in-store clothes shopping one could safely do; if stores were open, their fitting rooms likely were not. I didn’t lose hope; rather, I looked seriously at my options for replenishing my clothing supply from home.
Enter the behemoth of online ordering, the megacorporation that seems to suddenly own everything, the digital bookstore turned retail giant: Amazon and its clothing offshoot, Prime Wardrobe. The premise of P.W. is simple: add up to eight items to a shipment, keep the items risk-free for seven days, ship back anything you don’t want to keep, only pay for what you want. They even offer a personal stylist option which seems to be Amazon’s version of Stitch Fix. (Or, so they hoped.)
My first shipment was simple: some shorts, a dress, and sandals that have become my go-to footwear. I can’t stand flip flops, but I also didn’t want to don my tennis shoes all summer in stifling humidity. I kept the shorts as well, but the dress was a bit too large.

Mary wears short shorts! (Also, the tank was a limited edition Pride purchase from Target)

Shipment number two featured picks from my personal stylist. I took a style quiz that evidently led my shopper to believe that I needed to look like a grandmother. As of this writing, I am still in my late twenties; no grandmothering is happening here anytime soon. Still, I did come out with some good picks like a stylish jean jacket.

Y’all. I TRIED. It was even more hideous in person.
I have a tattoo featuring a Lady Gaga quote that says, “Love is the new denim or black.” I’m making a neutral face here, but I have very strong feelings about this jacket.

I held off for a bit but knew that I wanted to try my luck again. This time, I would forego the stylist’s picks and go with my own ideas. I am happy to report that it was MUCH more successful; I kept a pajama set and a nightgown as well as a cute pair of floral earrings. I would have kept this skirt if I knew I would be able to safely go out and about among people again, but I don’t see myself wearing it much around the house. The shoes were FAR too narrow and stiff.

What do you even wear with houndstooth?
Look at them! Aren’t they cute?
I wanted to like this flannel, but it was a wee bit too snug.

Overall, I like the idea of buying clothes online and shipping back what I don’t like after a certain period of time. I also enjoy the fact that I can try different pieces with articles of clothing that I already own, and that can be a challenge in a traditional fitting room. I’m not willing to buy all of my clothes using this method for the rest of my life, but it will work for now.

Come back next week as I share some delicious quarantine eats that I have made!

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