Quarantine Salon 2: Electric Blue Boogaloo

Let’s go ahead and preface this with a disclaimer that this post, blog and blogger are in no way affiliated with the alt right hate group by the name Boo*galoo, okay? Okay.
Now, the fun part:

Quarantine Salon 2: Electric Blue Boogaloo

Having tried purple and pink hair, the next logical step in my quest to have the most badass hair of my life was to go blue. Blue is easy to coordinate with clothing; jeans pair with everything from blouses to t-shirts, right? I even remember a time in the early aughts when jeans under dresses and skirts was in fashion. Maybe that trend will return in this warped timeline where we find ourselves.
Ahem. Moving on.
Outside of clashing concerns, I quickly learned the pink was a huge pain to maintain and faded to a sad reminder of what it once was. I did my homework this time around. I was going to do it right: no horrible bleach jobs, no panicked drives all over the metro area to get supplies, no holing up in my bedroom stuffing my face with Keebler cookies while I felt sorry for myself. Actually, I still like those cookies, but I would gleefully eat them out in the open.
My research led me to the Britain-based company Punky Colour. I was intrigued by positive reviews as well as a wide range of inexpensive yet bold shades. I stripped out the Barbie pink in favor of platinum white-blonde before tumbling into the cerulean sea. While the Pepto Bismol hair tried desperately to cling to dear life, I banished it from existence.

Okay, “banished from existence” isn’t quite accurate. This crap was so stubborn!

So! The hard part done, I was ready to go. I set to work with tools in and on hand: tinting brushes, hair color bowls, and protective gloves. I was delighted at the outcome: just look at that ocean on my head!

Beer is love, beer is life.

I suppose the story could end here, but fear not, dear reader; I would not leave you hanging.
Did I look better in azure? Absolutely. However, much to my husband’s chagrin, it felt like everything else in our apartment was stained blue. Hurricane Sapphire made landfall in my bathtub as one would expect. It also splattered my bathroom sink, ran through my towels, bled into my pillow cases, and soaked into my fingernails. In my zest to avoid losing my security deposit, I learned some tips:

  1. Wear gloves. Not just when you’re coloring; keep them around for shampooing and maintenance.
  2. Invest in towels and linens that are dark, are bleach-friendly, or have been so well-loved that you wouldn’t mind staining them.
  3. Makeup remover and nail polish remover gets dye off of your skin and nails. Bleach works on porcelain. Shout works on laundry, but be timely.
  4. Apple cider vinegar. No, seriously. Watch this video.

Will I stay blue forever? I haven’t decided, but for now, it’s a solid yes. I am glad to have the vibrant locks I always wanted.


Stay tuned next week for Quarantine Salon 3: Waxing Poetic!

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